Flat Bed

June 25 2015

Flatbed trucking is used to transport special equipment and materials that are typically too large, heavy, wide, or long for traditional dry van trucking service. These shipments are commonly used for transporting shipments to or from construction sites or other shipping points which have no dock for loading and unloading. Flatbed trucking service is also frequently used when shipping larger items that require quick loading and unloading especially in projects that have tight or time sensitive schedules.

Flatbed Trucking Service for Any Type of Shipment

With our flatbed trucking service, we are prepared to handle a variety of types of shipments in order to meet all of our customer’s needs. Additionally, with our complete trucking and transportation services, we can offer a shipping solution that will satisfy nearly any of your shipping demands. For example:

  • We can handle oversize loads or overweight shipments of heavy machinery, oversized equipment, and any other large loads with our heavy haul trucking service.
  • We can combine smaller flatbed trucking loads and shipments into environmentally friendly and affordable shipments with our LTL trucking service.
  • We offer flatbed trucking service across the entire continental United States as well as to Canada and Mexico.
  • We provide reliable flatbed trucking service by our experienced professional truckers in order to complete your shipments as scheduled.
  • Our experienced staff will work with you to develop the complete flatbed trucking and freight transportation service to meet your specific needs.

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